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A Vote for Yourself

This is a big day. Millions of people are going to voice their opinion by attempting to elect the person that most perfectly represents their own viewpoints and beliefs. This elected official will then fill his office and do exactly what the people that elected him to do.

This system works perfectly, except that no one on this planet or in this universe has experienced life in the exact same circumstances as you, yourself. In that sense, we are all at least marginally unique. Every single one of us varies at least slightly on our opinions of how things ought to be,and if in charge we would all do things differently. This means that no political candidate every truly represents you, they only represent themselves and their own beliefs.

Despite this, we are still expected to elect a person that can supposedly represent each and every one of us. We are expected to consent to a system that will place a person in charge of many aspects of our lives even if we do not support this person, and if this consent is not given, we are imprisoned through the use of institutionalized force and violence. As a society it seems we have entirely accepted the notion that our elected officials should dictate how the rest of us live our lives, even if we completely disagree with them. Our politicians realize this, and their focus seems almost entirely to pander to the people that will vote for them, giving them whatever it will take to appease them whether or not they actually believe the words they say. This has encouraged a society that is dependent on these elected officials in order to survive.

“A democracy will continue to exist up until the voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.” – Alexander Tytler

And what has our dependency brought us?

1. A record number (and growing) of people that require the help of the government to buy the food they need for their very survival

2. Levels of unemployment that rival the worst economic times in our history as a nation

3. Large numbers of people that are entirely unprepared for an extended break in our supply chains

This list could likely include many more things, but these are the most apparent today.
The current economic and social environment has played some role in the struggles of these people, but ultimately failure rests on the shoulders of anyone that does not take the initiative to improve their own self-sufficiency. Most people bear at least some of the weight of this dependency, from the person that takes handouts rather than growing their own food, to the person that buys useless toys rather than stocking up on supplies to help during the advent of increasingly extreme weather events, to the person that searches for sources of income rather than sources of value in their own lives.

You can debate the amount of value that your vote for our political system actually has, but I won’t do that here. Whether or not you choose to vote today may or may not have an effect on your future, but a vote that is far more likely to impact you at the personal level is one that you make for yourself. Choosing the path of self-sufficiency will allow you to remove yourself from the political cycle that takes up far to much time of far to many people.

If you provide for yourself you have no need to elect an official that will provide for you, so on this election day I urge one thing. Take some time either today or this week to find one small thing that you can do to reduce your dependency on institutions, whether they be corporations or a branch of the government. Find a way to improve your life in a measurable way that does not involve dictating to or taking from any other person. This one small step has the potential to be the first of many that allows our society to find better ways to function without the need to find more ways to control other people.

If we all take the necessary steps to improve ourselves, we will no longer need to coerce one another to our own viewpoints.