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Power to the People.

Things that Hide Away – The Dear Hunter

We live in a centralized society that is created through our fascination with specialization. When someone chooses to specialize in something they are essentially taking on the idea that they want to have the power when it comes to that specific kind of knowledge. While this is not necessarily bad, this tends to put power in the hands of a select few. I created this blog with the plan to show light on the generalist qualities of man and show how a general understanding of the world would balance humankind and lead us in to a decentralized future.

All of the major governments of the world currently operate under this centralized idea. From the republic of China to the democratic-republic of the US, from the European union conglomerate to dictatorship of Iran, all of these governments are top-down creations in which a centralized authority determines how the nation’s people will live. Subsequently, the creations that come out of this are centralized institutions as well. We have countless corporations that are run in almost an identical way to the dictatorships of the world where one person makes decisions that determine the paths that thousands of lives will take. If an oil company decided to stop producing oil, many of use would have problems acquiring the energy we consume. If the nearby corporate owned grocery store couldn’t ship its food, many of us would starve. If our government ran out of money (the printing presses would have to be broken) many people would lose the government handouts they rely on.

This makes us dependent on the choices of a few people, and takes the power over our own lives out of our hands. In turn, our society becomes one that is top down like and upside down pyramid with the people at the top providing for the base of humanity. But this dependence is a choice that we make, we do not have to succumb to the illusion of luxury these institutions create, and in order for us to evolve in to a higher society we must reverse this societal construction by empowering people at the individual level to allow them to shape society around them. This will create the foundation that is necessary for us to form a society that is powerful as a whole.

This means that we need to encourage self-reliance in each individual. Create an environment where people can provide all they need for themselves and you will not have to provide for them. That is not what we have today. Today, most people rely on some organization for employment so they can have an income. They then take that income and use to to buy things like food, transportation, housing, and entertainment from other organizations. These organizations then use that money to pay their own employees, thus continues the circle of dependency with each person depending on something else to provide for them.

But what if these people could provide their own necessities? What if there was a way for everyone to provide their own energy, food, and means of production themselves? Would they still need a job to make money? Why would they even need money?

The truth is that we are already incredibly near to creating this environment, and I outlined this partially in an earlier post. We are nearing an age where each and every one of us will be completely responsible for our own well being and I have the utmost confidence that we will rise to the occasion. It is time for each and every one of us to choose to live our own lives rather than someone else telling us how to do so.