How to win at knowledge

Our world society absolutely reeks of dualistic qualities. Every single argument seems to get boiled down to one set of options that go along the lines of left vs. right, right vs. wrong, or us vs. them. Too many people seem to think that they have the solution and everyone else around them is wrong. This creates an environment where the quest to increase one’s own knowledge takes on this idea that one must “win” at knowledge and show how they know something better than everyone else around them.

The epitome of this culture is shown in our political world where we are told to elect someone that best represents us using something called a vote. This “representative” then accepts this election to office as a signal that his ideas are what is deemed correct by the people, and he must push these ideas in to becoming policy. Of course it seems that more and more these elected officials do not actually represent the people that put them there, and their votes are mostly coming from people that are just frustrated with it all and are hoping to use what little power they have in our government to attempt to create whatever “change” they can. This has led the American government to becoming a mixture of a democracy, republic, and a hint of mob rule as the person that can get the largest group of people behind them is the one that is given power.

But as I have stated before, no other person can EVER fully represent you. You are the only one that has all of your beliefs, dogmas, and knowledge set. No one else in this world carries the exact same set of each as you, so how can you ever elect someone that represents you?

Iceland recently did a really awesome thing where they crowd-sourced their constitution on the internet. ANY citizen of that country could go online and work with any other citizen on getting things they wanted in to their constitution. Isn’t it strange how we live in a culture where it is odd to ask the people how they would like to be governed? Instead we are supposed to rely on officials to tell us how to best live our lives. We have old, balding men deciding how 5-year-olds should be taught. We have men with no biological education telling people that a plant will hurt you if you use it. And we have people with a lot of money telling you that you should borrow some from them (with interest of course).

This all comes from the idea that one direction is the correct way to go and the other direction is wrong, this is commonly called duality. Instead of having leaders that look at all aspects of a problem and all possible solutions to try and find the path that makes the most sense, we have ideologues that run on one single “solution” at the expense of all other possibilities. Can you see how we praise the people that are the most close-minded?

The truth is that when it comes to knowledge, we either all win or we all lose. We either come to a greater understanding amongst each other or we find new ways to further divide ourselves. Winning at knowledge is not proving another idea wrong, it is understanding every aspect of the things you disagree with and adding that understanding to your path.

In the words of my favorite rapper, Mos Def “Life is a test and we all got the answers.”


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