On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everything drops to zero

I borrowed this title from one of my personal favorite websites, Zero Hedge. I want to use this post to elaborate on a point that I made in my previous post where I mentioned that our current societal system is not capable of addressing the problems we face, only the symptoms of these problems. We first have to identify the problem that we are facing.

Our entire society operates around the value of one imaginary commodity, the almighty dollar. We are conditioned from birth to believe that our society can only operate through the use of money, and every one of us must earn our “living.” This commodity has no value other than the value that we give it, making its value completely faith based. Once we lose this faith everything stops working.

Many of us believe that money is the only motivation that people need in order to improve the world around them, despite the fact that information is appearing that shows otherwise. It turns out that the only motivation people need is the idea of improving their life and the lives of others. So what does our obsession with the dollar create?

One word… profitability.

A money-centric society focuses firstly on being profitable. This completely factors out things like human well-being and it only encourages that when it is profitable. Currently in our world it is most profitable to make and sell weapons. One only has to look at the budget of the largest economy in the world to know this is true. If we spend more money on things of destruction how are we going to improve our existence?

One does not have to look far to find stories of corporations hurting the public in the name of profits. I won’t go in to those things here, there are plenty of sources out there that explain this very well. This is exactly where our problem lies. So how do we fix it?

The first option is governmental regulation. This is a completely natural reaction to the idea of a free, capitalistic market, and it will always occur in an attempt to balance the problems capitalism creates. I cannot stress this point enough, regulation will always occur in capitalistic societies because there must be something to keep any corporation from selling destructive weapons to whomever has the money. This regulation usually dampens the problem, but it will never stop these problems completely.

The second option is to create a program or institution that encourages a constructive behavior. This sometimes is a great success, such as with public libraries and the postal system. But these programs fail just as often such as in the case of the food pyramid campaign.

These two options are the only options that our government has at its disposal. When ANY decision is made one thing must always be factored in to the equation. MONEY

A government can not give us energy independence if it would cause us to go “broke.” They can not choose to end the production of weapons if it would cause millions to lose their jobs, especially in today’s political environment.

The problem is that we are beginning to be forced to choose between our concept of money, or the future of humanity. It will not be profitable to create cheap, efficient solar technology that could allow people to provide their own energy rather than buying it from a corporation. It will not be profitable to bring manufacturing institutions back to our home to provide jobs, and avoid wasteful worldwide trading. It will not be profitable to end our worldwide military campaigns.

We have worshiped our almighty dollar until it has brought us to end of the road. It is time to face our demons and to find a way to work for the benefit of all rather than the profitability of the few.


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