Waves Descending

We are in the age of novelty where everything is complexifying. This includes all issues that we are facing from global hunger to warfare, national debt to education, and everything in between. The powers that never were* will try to tell you that the answer to these problems lie in some large centralized organization.

The people on the right side of the spectrum argue that free market capitalism and its miraculous invisible hand will guide us to prosperity. They say competition is the answer and allowing our corporations free reign to do as they please is the only way to cure what ails us.

On the opposite side of the spectrum you have people who tout the strength of a large, powerful, central government. One that can send us to war at a moments notice in order to keep us “safe.” A government that can also control the evil corporations (while subversively doing the exact opposite) and create the institutions and infrastructure that we need in order to be successful.

According to these groups these are the only two possible solutions to everything, and only ONE is correct. Why is it that when our world is becoming more complex at an accelerating rate that we look for fewer and fewer solutions? Why aren’t we using this as an opportunity to search deeper for the complex solutions to these complex problems?

The problem is that these solutions will not come from the institutions we have created.  Our institutions are only capable of addressing the symptoms of the problems, not the problems themselves. When a man murders another person our solution is to put them in jail, despite the fact that this does nothing to improve the well being of that man or his victims. Yes, it keeps him from murdering again while he is imprisoned, but it does not fix the reason as to why he did it in the first place. In fact, if he is released he is much more likely to commit a crime again.

So if these institutions can not do the one thing they were designed for, who can? If your problems are coming from more and more places, why not look for the solutions in more and more places as well? Who would be better for fixing a problem that we face, one of us? Or all of us?

The internet is probably the single most important invention we have in order to accomplish this. It allows us to exchange ideas across the globe instantly. On top of that it gives each and every single one of us an equal voice, this is Democracy in its truest form. It already allows us to come together for production needs, media creation, news, and education. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and the truth is that we are only in the infancy of the internet age.

What we are seeing is all a part of a much larger wave of decentralization that is occurring around the world, and this wave cannot be stopped by any of our proclaimed “leaders.” This wave will bring much chaos as our corporations and centralized governments fade in to irrelevancy while they simultaneously fight against it.

This is putting the power over our lives back in to our hands, and giving us more power to shape the world around us. The emphasis will be put on self-sufficiency instead of reliance on the things that hold the illusion of power. We will be forced to to educate ourselves more as we must learn to provide for ourselves, and this, in turn, will lead to a new age of human understanding. We will decide how this world operates, not some person in a far off land that dictates how our lives will be lived.

This, my friends, is what freedom looks like.



* I refer to the people in “power” this way because I believe that an institution created by man is never in control. The only thing these institutions can do is create the illusion of power when in all truth they, as well as everything else, are ruled by things much, much greater than we all can perceive.


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2 responses to “Waves Descending

  • Eso

    Excellent article!

    The deeper the brain goes, the further the understanding unfolds.

    We do not see these illusions around us, because we are raised up in them. Breaking free requires tremendous sacrifice, effort and will. One only need look at a mob of people, to see the mechanical action of brainwashing, forcing identification with the issue, either pro or con.

    There is no “sober second, third or fourth… thought” during the manifestation, only afterwards “perhaps”, some may look at it differently. We were trained this way by life and society, always responding with yes or no in the forefront, rarely do we consider yes and no looking for a combination of both, by considering the opposites.

    Thanks for sharing my friend.


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