Monthly Archives: May 2011

Student of the World

Here I am almost two months after starting this blog, and what do I have to show? Not much to share yet, but it is coming……eventually.

I have discovered that my role right now is not that of a teacher, but of a student.I have too much to learn and not enough to teach yet, and I have been taking this time to read….alot….. as I am sure many of you do. I have been sharing the new knowledge I acquire every day with the people around me, and the results have been better than I could have ever expected. I have been presented with with event after event that has allowed me to grow my understanding of the world more and more.

But big changes are coming for me.

In a short amount of time I will be going through something that will completely change the dynamic of my life. I am eagerly awaiting this event, and I hope it can allow me to alter my role in the world.

Time will tell…..