Rise of the Generalist

We are surrounded by specialization. The whole US education system is like a funnel that gradually melds broad-minded children in to highly specialized adults. Our entire society operates on the idea that you are supposed to get a job in a specific field in order to make your living and be a good consumer, and our higher education system only further increases this effect by forcing students to choose a major that is not much more than job training.

I’m not trying to say that specialization is bad, only that it seems to be almost the entire focus of our societal structure. We would not have much of the great technology that we do today without the countless people that have contributed to the furthering of the knowledge of man. But with the incredible amount of information the internet age has brought to our fingertips, we are now losing the necessity to remember vast amounts of information, and are beginning to need only the ability to reference quickly.  This allows everyone to be able to access practically any information they need within seconds and apply that to their current understanding of an issue.

With that said, I believe people with a much more general sense of the world have begun to arise rapidly, offering insight that adds to a completely different understanding of humanity. I hope to help with this insight, by applying information from every aspect of human knowledge and taking as broad a viewpoint as possible. Hopefully what I have to say is interesting enough for others to read and enjoy.


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